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August 08, 2011

Happy Friendship Anniversary.


August 8 2010 - August 8 2011

first of all,syukur alhamdulillah because i've given a chance to breath in this world.Seperti sedia maklum,hari ni ialah 8 Ogos 2011.Maybe some of you curious about this date.And maybe some of you said that 'ya,i already knew,so what?'.
Setiap orang mesti mempunyai something or perkara yang boleh diorang ingat sampai bila-bila,and so do i.This date is meaningful for me.I dont know she remember or not about this date.If she do remember,alhamdulillah.If not,well then its ok.Tarikh ni membawa satu pertemuan antara dua kawan.Its not kawan actually,but sahabat.Yes,that is the correct word to describe her.she is a simple person,nice,humble,and yes she is friendly.Its been a year we get to know each other.I must say this,its a pleasure to friend with her.I dont know why but i really grateful met her.Tapi sekarang kami tak lagi macam dulu.And this is all because of me.I've made a stupid mistake.Aku tak pernah hargai dia.I'm sorry and please forgive me.But last few days,ada sesuatu yang membuatkan aku terasa lapang hati.I give her some advice since she wants to become better person and of course devoted servant of Allah.And she wrote this to me.

Lepas sekian lama tak berhubung,suddenly she wrote this words to me.And i was like,am i dreaming??
i can't believe she said that to me.After what have i done to her,yet she still called me sahabat.I'm thankful for that.And you're my sahabat too.Thank you so much sebab masih sudi anggap saya sahabat awak.Saya betul-betul hargai.Awak sahabat dunia akhirat saya.Thank you so much,my du'a is always be with you.Semoga berjaya dunia dan akhirat.

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